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If you are located outside of the United States, please let us know what country you are in the comments below. Also let us know if you can text via WhatsApp (for international texting.)

Do you suspect you are demonically oppressed?
Have you been water baptized?
Do you speak in tongues?
Do you believe in God?
If you die now, would you go to heaven?
Do you doubt your salvation?
Have you, or anyone in your family been involved with witchcraft or occult?
When attending Christian meetings are you plagued with foul thoughts, images, jealousies or other mental harassment?
Do you ever hear voices or have revolving negative thoughts?
Were you happy as a child?
If no please explain.
How was your relationship with your parents? Explain.
Part of the FBI ministry is to get people freed from oppression. Many who watch our YouTube channel, are blessed by the testimonies they see.
I am aware that my session may be recorded.

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